Anorak News | National Kick a Ginger Day Replaced By Kill A Kenny Day

National Kick a Ginger Day Replaced By Kill A Kenny Day

by | 23rd, November 2008

IT’S National Kick a Ginger Day in Canada.

Says one parent at St. Francis High School, Calgary:

“It’s worse than bullying. It’s prejudice . . . it’s not just ‘kick a red head today,’ it’s ‘kick them tomorrow,’ ‘kick them at a party.’ It goes on and on.”

Red-head. Ginger. Auburn. Compare and contrast. And does the one-thread rule apply?

Whichever way up, it’s terrible. The concerned parent is right to highlight how these things develop until the special day loses all meaning.

Meanwhile, 13 students of the school’s student body have been suspended and the talks is of “minor bruising”.

Says the report:

A Calgary parent who says his 12-year-old son was repeatedly kicked on Thursday because of the colour of his hair, is exploring the possibility of launching a lawsuit against South Park, the satirical television show that apparently inspired the notion.

National Kill A Kenny day is postponed until further notice…

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