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Miley Cyrus Dances For Lawyers

by | 24th, November 2008

THE Houston Chronicle reports on Miley Cyrus, who seems to realise that when you’re a teen star you need to cash in before you grow old:

Tweendom’s reigning queen is the star performer at the Lanier Law Firm’s “Christmas Cheers and Charity” party. The annual event will be held next month at the ranch home of Houston lawyer Mark Lanier and his wife, Becky.

One day if you practice real hard, Peggy-Armani, you can peform for lawyers and then – who knwos? – maybe even a party of accountants:

The family-friendly extravaganza boasts “Texas Bar-B-Q, fajitas and amusements” on the colorful invitation, which includes a pop-up Cyrus sharing the stage with a guitar-wielding Santa and singing elves.

Otherwise known as Kenny Rogers and S Club 7…


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