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The Economy Is For Empty Nodding Heads

by | 25th, November 2008

THE economy is front-page news. But how many of us know what’s going on?

And the bloggers aren’t helping much.

Anorak’s Chenier has provided a few scoops; Guido attempts to shine a blue light on goings on, and EU Ref looks to provide context, although today he leads with the post-Darling headline: “Do We Care?” If the economy counts for anything it counts for the triumph of old media over the new.

Not much beyond that

Brian Appleyard muses on his blog:

Far from knowing what should be done, most of us – actually all of us – don’t know what is happening or has happened. ‘Uncharted waters’ is a phrase often used, which is true enough in its way but the full implications of the words are not understood.

Meanwhile in the Sunday Times, the paper for which Appleyard writes, there is lots and lots and lots of copy about the economy. Although do many poeple read it?


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