Anorak News | Peter Andre Gives Katie Price An Interior Tanning

Peter Andre Gives Katie Price An Interior Tanning

by | 25th, November 2008

ON the Price Curve, Anorak plots the correlation between the size of Katie Price’s Jordans and Peter Andre’s penis.

When they first met in the Celebrity jungle, Pete was a pop acorn and Katie’s Jordans were gargantuan.

Now after operations on her, and lots of sunshine and water on him, Katie tells Sun readers:

“I haven’t got any lines at all! That’s why I go to very private places. Peter does too. He’s got a brown willy!”

One look at Peter suggest his penis is of deep vermilion. The Andre ensemble would resemble a small serving of crudeties, a sliver of orange pepper flanked by kumquats.

Or course, if Pete is tanned below then should Pete not dry the fake bake spray off fully, Katie could be the first celebrity to be tanned within and without.

She may even be reversible, and fully in touch with her inner Pete…

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