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Eating Worms For Sex On Japanese Trains

by | 26th, November 2008


As Charles Darwin said:

“Worms have played a more important part in the history of the world than most persons would at first suppose.”

He wasn’t kidding. It’s not hard to overreach the value most of us place on earthworms. Although Open Reach Laboratories (Opal) seeks to expand our knowledge by recruiting volunteers to collect and count worms.

Enthusiasts should send an email to and get a worm fact pact.

But hurry, worms are going fast. Says Japanese wormist Manabu Mizuta:

“I wanted to see women get scared and shake their legs.”

Says police patrolling the Keihan train line in Osaka prefecture.

“He would go close to women on the train, any woman, and pour out the worms from containers.”

Local police had been on alert after 18 similar cases of released worms had been reported this month by the same train operator.

“When the arrest was made, the man had nearly emptied a container, which is believed to have held 200 worms,” he said. “You cannot count them because there are so many.”

Two hundred worms, you say. Had he only eaten the evidence. It can be done, you know. Really. Gone in 20 seconds. Really:

Worms – the hungry man’s Pot Noodle…

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