Anorak News | Football fashion: why can’t black be the new black?

Football fashion: why can’t black be the new black?

by | 27th, November 2008

Much has been made of Nike’s ghastly new pink boots, as sported here by Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner.

The pink boot was inevitable, really. From the moment that Alan Ball first pulled on a pair of white boots, for Everton in the 1970/71 Charity Shield (“They were crap,” squeaked little Alan), it was only a matter of time – it took almost 40 years, but we got there in the end.

It’s good that the homophobic world of professional football has finally embraced the most-feared colour in the spectrum – even now, the colour pink has both homosexual and effeminate connotations, in small minds at least – but does it need to?

Coloured football boots are one of the worst things to happen to football. They encourage show-offs (see Cristiano Ronaldo) and discourage team play. They’re a way for vain (ie. more skilful than us) players to say “Look at me, I’m better than my team-mates!”, and, of course, they help the likes of Nike and adidas to sell more boots.

Pink is the new black, sadly. Why can’t black be the new black?

If Anorak was a football manager, we would make all of our players wear black boots. And if that sounds like a Grumpy Old Men-style rant… well, that’s because it is.

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