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Roots Of The Deccan Mujahideen

by | 28th, November 2008

LENIN’s Tomb looks at the Mumbai massacre:

Whoever the ‘Deccan Mujahideen’ turn out to be, Jason Burke argues that the signs point to them being a home-grown movement. This means that any attempt to comprehend what is happening has to start with the Indian social structure, and particularly the position of Muslims in Indian society. So, let’s stick with the obvious. Indian Muslims, comprising 13.5% of the population of India, are poor and disenfranchised: under-represented in most official organs, among the most exploited layers of society, and vulnerable to chauvanistic attack by Hindu nationalists. Their status as an insecure minority within a Hindu-majority state is one of the deadliest issues in Indian politics.

There’s more, althogh no mention of the Jewish centre…

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