Anorak News | Introducing PopJunkie – a sister site for Anorak

Introducing PopJunkie – a sister site for Anorak

by | 28th, November 2008

We thought Anorak was a bit lonely, so our crack team of journos, bloggers, crack addicts and Latte drinkers have now started working on a few sisters sites for Anorak. They will keep all of Anorak’s values and be fearless, irreverent, annoyingly opinionated, cocky and sometimes laugh out loud funny, but will be focussed on other stuff people like – like music, cars and donuts.

Anyhow the first site has just launched and it is

Here you’ll find

Why Queen were a bit crap
The top 50 London songs
A 10 point campaign to save the gig world from ticket touts and dodgy beer
A load of great lost albums
Led Zep quiz
Britney and other popstars on Twitter

and loads more. Hope you enjoy it.

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