Anorak News | Security Guards Flee Somalian Pirates

Security Guards Flee Somalian Pirates

by | 29th, November 2008

‘TWO British and one Irish security guard were plucked from the sea by a military helicopter yesterday after they jumped from a tanker seized by pirates off Somalia, leaving behind more than two dozen crew members.

Their decision to abandon the vessel that their company was paid handsomely to protect attracted some criticism. One Western aid official in the region told The Times that after calls for commercial vessels to hire security guards, it was “somewhat ironic that they jump overboard to save themselves”.’

But not everybody criticised them for swimming away; their boss called them heroes. So, if you need some security staff to jump overboard when your ship is attacked by Somalian pirates, the AntiPiracy Maritime Security Solutions firm in Poole, Dorset, should be your first port of call…


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