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Uses For Cats: Woman Uses Them As A Living Blanket

by | 29th, November 2008

USES for cats are few and far between. You can eat them in oyster sauce, but only is sold as chicken.

You can use them for gloves, and whiskers for stitching, but who besides the man who shouts as pigeons in the precinct and Bob Carolgees wants to put his hand up a cat?

Credit then to Mary Phillips, an 84-year-old woman who tried to keep warm by getting her 66 cats to lay on her.

To the New Smyrna Beach mobile home, Volusia County, where police find Phillips on Thanksgiving morning living with 66 cats, 15 turkeys, 20 ducks, 13 gerbils and a dog.

Her daughter has been arrested. This is a story of abuse.

But the wonder is that cats were the chosen blanket and not the ducks or geese.

One fact missing is how Phillips went about coercing the cats to lie on her. Perhaps she first covered herself in mats.


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