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Jill Dando Murder: Supporting Barry George’s Fight For Compensation

by | 30th, November 2008

IN “Stalking telephone numbers.. – Barry George demands £4m compensation” the New of the World focuses on Barry George.

George is famous for being the one man we know for certain (it’s been established in a court of law) did not kill BBC presenter Jill Dando.

George served eight years in choky for a crime he did not commit. And now he is in line for compensation, as is his right. How much? Well, that’s up to the judiciary.

This is “Misfit Georg”, the “oddball” who occupies a couple of pages in the News of the World, the country’s biggest selling Sunday newspaper.

Says the paper:

And it would be devastating for Jill’s family who were awarded just £10,000 from the Criminal Compensation Board (CCB) after the TV star was shot dead on her doorstep.

How one payment has anything to do with the other, the NOTW does not enlarge upon. But good to know that the NOTW is so in tune with Jill Dando’s relatives it can speak on their behalf.

Should George get the money? Says the NOTW:

His lawyers say he deserves the huge payout because the case continues to plague his life.

For evidence of that persecution see the, er, News of the World. Whose side is the paper on? Mr George’s lawyers might also enjoy:

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