Anorak News | Princess Eugenie Hides In Hole To Escape Mumbai Massacre

Princess Eugenie Hides In Hole To Escape Mumbai Massacre

by | 1st, December 2008

The MUMBAI slaughter needs perspective.

Shilpa Shetty has helped GMTV viewer make sense of it all. And now the Sun introduces its readers to Princess Eugenie.

Eugenie escaped slaughter,” says the headline.

“Princess Eugenie narrowly escaped the Mumbai massacre, the Sun can reveal.”

Eugenie left Mumbai four days before the carnage. And what’s more it is “thought” she visited the Oberoi Hotel and the Leopold café.

Eugenie is backpacking round India, slumming it in five star hotels and international eateries. India is the Hull of Asia.

Of course, had Eugenie been at the scene, so too would have been her fellow Royal Protection Squad backpackers, and the carnage may not have been so atrocious as they drew their weapons and fired with meaning and accuracy.

Says a source: “It has sent shockwaves through the palace.”

Indeed. These things never occurred during the days of the Raj, and if there is any thing to glean from the massacre it is that Britain must invade the sub-continent once more and place it under the protective yolk of Empire.

Until then, Eugenie is staying in a dark hole in Calcutta…

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