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How To Work Britney Spears Into Your Column, By Peter McKay

by | 1st, December 2008

PETER McKay is enlivening his moribund Daily Mail column with a big picture of Britney Spears in her fishnets and pants.

After talk of her “train-wreck life, of public meltdowns, drug and alcohol abuse and difficult personal relationships,” he tells us that it’s all “very far removed from girlie pop music of old, isn’t it?” His example? Like Patti Page.

Ah, yes, La Page.

Page has been married twice. She married her first husband, Charles O’Curran, a choreographer, in 1956. Together, Page and O’Curran adopted two children: a son, Danny, and a daughter, Kathleen. They divorced in 1972. Page married her second husband, Jerry Filiciotto, in 1990.

Ok, one divorce does not make her hellraiser. but what of another singer of yesteryear?

Dusty Springfield:

In her early career, much of her odd behaviour was carried out more or less in fun — like her famous food fights and hurling a box of crockery down the stairs. As the Springfield persona became more famous, she was indulged, pampered and spoiled, and plummeted into chronic drug and alcohol abuse.

Any others?

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