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On BBC Bias And Mumbai’s Victimised Muslims

by | 3rd, December 2008

MUMBAI. Whodunnit? Pretty clear, you’d think: Islamicist nutters. But the BBC is uncertain, as Rogier van Bakel notes:

Now, though, BBC News has outdone itself with an article about the Mumbai attacks entitled “The Age of ‘Celebrity Terrorism’.” The broadcaster’s respect for the esteemed prophet’s followers is so deep that every effort is made never to call a spade a spade (or a Muslim a Muslim, excepting positive mentions).

Read on:

[H]ostages and survivors reported that certain nationalities had been identified by their passports and taken away for execution.

“Certain nationalities.” That would be Americans and, oh yeah, the BBC’s own countrymen.

Perhaps we do not know enough about where the perpetrators are from, because they could have come from almost anywhere.

Really? Almost anywhere? They most assuredly didn’t come from Japan’s Shinto community, or from Mormon circles in Canada, or from atheist groups in the Netherlands. Nor were they spawned by Quaker quilting bees in Pennsylvania, or by evangelical church gatherings in the Congo, or by coteries of Romanian Rosicrucians.

Or why not blame the victims..?

“How to prevent another Mumbai”:

The crucial thing is a change of direction on America’s part. Much of the widespread Muslim sympathy for al-Qaeda is based on defensiveness, the attitude of people who feel attacked and judged against. We should be able to police the threat of terrorism without making more than a billion Muslims feel that they have an enemy.

Do you see?

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