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Ford Wins: James Bond Loses

by | 5th, December 2008

IN Quantum of Solace, Bond drives a crappy Ford 4×4.

Chris Hafner gags on it

As good as Quantum of Solace was, though, all of its goodness was nearly unraveled by Ford’s product placement whitewash. It didn’t start out badly–the movie began with a thrilling car chase that featured Bond piloting a gorgeous Aston Martin. Even setting aside from Bond’s history with the marque, Aston Martin is the perfect Bond car–muscular, debonair, slightly threatening, and thoroughly English. Aside from the fact that the company is owned by Ford, of course. (EDIT: Partially owned by Ford, that is. Ford sold all but a small stake last year. Thanks to the commenters for reminding me–I thought Ford still had a bigger stake.)

Likewise, I could buy that Bond would drive a Land Rover–it is a believable Bond vehicle, especially for off-road situations. Again, Land Rover is a Ford property. I even enjoyed the novelty of seeing a motorcycle chasing down an electric subcompact–a electric subcompact Ford Ka, naturally.

Unfortunately, it went downhill from there. As the movie went on, the Ford placement got more and more blatant, to the point where we saw the evil mastermind being driven around in a convoy of black Ford Edges. I don’t have anything against the Edge–it’s a nice-looking mid-size SUV–but I have difficulty accepting it as the preferred vehicle of an impossibly wealthy and powerful villain. I mean, this is a guy who pals around with powerful generalissimos at lavish parties and pulls the strings of the rich and powerful. And he’s chauffeured in a Ford Edge? Really? If it must be a Ford product, why not another Land Rover? Or a Jaguar? Or why not get wacky and put the villain in a Maverick Grabber?

Bond should have left the car and piggy backed on the villain…


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