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Britney Spears Show Diana Vickers That Anyone Can Be A Star

by | 5th, December 2008

X FACTOR agonist Diana Vickers will now open her private photo album for OK! readers and other voyeurs.

Diana is the show’s non-dancing, whispering, shoeless singer, who only ever hits levels audible to non-canines when she stands on a drawing pin or asks viewers to vote for her.

Vickers is in the “Ah – She’s Only Young” age group, which affords singers the right to be utterly devoid of talent but still possessed of hope.

With the right lighting, sound engineers, backing dancers, styling, marketing, song writing, sob story, boyfriend, musicians and sheer luck Diana can be a true star.

Last week’s show featured Britney Spears, an ambulatory case in point. Britney mimed like Skippy trapped in a house fire and danced with all the verve and natural ability of blancmange.

Unless you’re a comic, Britney is a tough act to follow.

To the Vickers photo album, then.

Readers get to see a picture of a woman and woman with massive ball-sized heads. It turns out that this is an advert for online bingo. That’s Diana on the right, sat in a buggy, stood in the garden, sat with her legs crossed, and wearing a frightful dress.

OK! then asks Diana what kid of wedding she would have. One with massive heads and bingo. Something for everyone. Oh, and Britney Spears look-alike to belt out the hits…

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