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Man Banned From Dressing As Britney Spears Near School Gates

by | 7th, December 2008

BERETS off to Britney Spears look-alike Peter Trigger, 59, of Farnden Close in Thorplands, Northamptonshire, who has been dressing as a schoolgirl and hanging around near a primary school.

For over a year, Trigger has been outside the gates acing as honey trap to seduce any real perverts and paedos in the area. It is life-long learning in a cloak of childcare.

But some people misunderstand. Police are called. The Beak is summoned and Mr Trigger pushed before him.

Parents tell of scared children. The local newspaper says:

“The matter has got so bad that they have stopped walking their children to school on their own and now walk in groups or take the long way round.”

Indeed, Mr Trigger is a beacon of hope at a time of severe anxiety in parents. Have any children been snatched from the school during Mr Trigger’s vigil? No. Are children now fitter than before? Yes.

But the Beak is not listening. The Beak hands Mr Trigger a five-year ASBO. He is forbidden from wearing a skirt or showing bare legs on any school day between the hours of 8.30am to 10am and from 2.45pm to 4pm.

Mr Trigger must also pay £250 costs.

Who cannot but feel for Mr Trigger, who cuts a not-indecent figure in his skirt, and his other outfit of knee-length lab coat “with what appears to be nothing underneath”?

Would only some dough-faced mothers be forbidden from showing their legs and cankles in front of children.

Evidence heard during the two-day hearing, which was brought by Northampton Borough Council, included several witness statements from parents whose children had been scared and confused by Mr Trigger’s behaviour. All of the parents said that they feared for their children’s safety.

Says a spokesman for Northampton Borough Council:

“Parents and their children have been affected by the behaviour of Mr Trigger. Various agencies, including the police, have tried stepping in to explain how his behaviour is affecting others, but he has taken none of this on board and is adamant that he can dress however he likes.

“We appreciate that Mr Trigger has a right to dress how he likes, but not if it is causing distress or alarm to others, particularly young children, which is the case here.”

Mr Trigger offers so comment, but is thought be on his way to buy a new outfit of platform heels, cut-to-the-waist bejewelled catsuit and tall dark wig…

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