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Tana Ramsay Publishes: “Recipes For Revenge”

by | 11th, December 2008

JOBBING divorcee Rachel Royce, a media ex-WAG, has a few words for Tana Ramsay, wife to panicky TV chef Gordon Ramsay.

It’s a view that will enrage many women. But a betrayed wife who bitterly regrets kicking out her husband says Tana would be wrong to ditch her celebrity chef hubby Gordon Ramsay

Says Royce:

I am divorced. And sometimes that cruel reality sneaks up when I least expect it, just as it did in the supermarket this week.

‘Do you want cash back?’ the friendly cashier demanded. No, I thought, I just want my old life back. I have been divorced for over two years, though I separated from my husband, Rod Liddle, four-and-a-half years ago.

As regular readers of this paper may recall, I had discovered he was having an affair with his office receptionist at the Spectator magazine. At the time, I was absolutely livid. I kicked him out of our home and our marriage never recovered. But now? Now, I just feel a fool for having allowed the affair to destroy my life.

One day Rachel’s thoughts on her failed marriage should be published in a collection.

If Tana Ramsay needs any advice, it is to put your thought on paper in “Recipes For Revenge – and other meals for one…”


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