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Salvation Army Captain Fired For Marrying Out

by | 14th, December 2008

DID you know that if you are in the Salvation Amry and want to marry, your future spouse must also be member. Something to do with secret tambourine signals:

AS 620WTMJ reports:

The leader of the Oshkosh Salvation Army has been suspended and will lose his job if he goes ahead with plans to marry a woman who is not a fellow Salvation Army officer.

Office class, sah!

Johnny Harsh is engaged to a woman who isn’t affiliated with the Salvation Army. He lost his wife Yolanda, a Salvation Army captain, to complications stemming from a heart attack last June.

“My wife and I knew when we joined the Salvation Army that there was a ruling that if something happens to a spouse, you cannot marry anyone but another Salvation Army officer,” Harsh said. “But I swear, you never think it’s going to happen to you.”

Salvation Army Advisory Board member Helen Lord Burr confirmed the agency’s rule and told the Associated Press that it is the same for every branch across the globe.


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