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Van Halen’s M&Ms Rider In Full

by | 15th, December 2008

THE Smoking Gun website has uneathed the  famous Van Halen tour rider in which is was “stipulated that brown M&M’s were to be banished from the band’s dressing room”.

This is the Mother of all Tour Riders, the one that made it possible for stars to order the sun to set at 7:54pm – in the East – that snow flakes should all match and that Cheryl Cole should cry 0.23 pints of saline solution each X Factor episode.

Readers amy recall how Earth Mother Angelina Jolie and laid back Brad Pitt issued a decree that any foreign journalist or photographer wishing to enter Namibia, the chosen place for the chosen one who would be Shiloh, had to be vetted by the couple.

Anorak suspects that the demands are a reminder to the underlings that the star is a star. However, a pea placed under the matresses of our great and good would not disturb their sleep.

The star cares more then you. They feel more than you. They need the best in life lest they implode, or be mistaken for whathisface from Holyoaks. They must be be ignored.

So here’s the poor runner using chopsticks to remove all brown M&Ms from Van Halen’s mid-morning liveners. And you just know the poor love didn’t even spit on them or shove one up his nose.

David Lee Roth tried to laugh it off and argue that the M&M clincher was to ensure the rider was read. Do you believe him?

But that as then. Now we have bands that knock the likes of Roth into a cocked hat – acts like Cold Play and Madonna want us to save the planet, for them…

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