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Karen Matthews Killed Nora Batty

by | 16th, December 2008

FERGUS Shanahan, the Sun’s deputy editor, laments the passing of Kathy Staff, an actress famed for her hospital corners on Crossroads and her half-mast stockings as Last of the Summer Wine’s Nora Batty.

Shanahan suffers from acute faction, the inability to differentiate between reality and made-for-telly fiction.

“Nora represented a generation of women with attitudes long gone. Working hard and keeping the home clean in the face of real poverty…Fiercely protective of her family and kids while instilling discipline and manners.”

You could not make her up. And then the clincher:

“Did anyone ever see ghastly Karen Matthews busily scrubbing her front step?”

You could make her up…


Medic! That nice doctor from Casualty should do it…

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