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Jade Goody’s Cancer Car

by | 18th, December 2008

CANCER Diagnoses makes good telly. And the wet face of the inflicted is Jade Goody’s.

Let’s be clear that this is not Jade’s fault but that of cynical media that can turn any private event into public theatre.

Cancer is now a celebrity issue. And Jade, as a jobbing celeb, sees it as her job to do cancer interviews, cancer tears, cancer book, more cancer tears and now bring news of her cancer car.

The Mirror says Jade is “in danger of losing her Bentley Convertible after a finance firm started repossession proceedings.”

What scum would take a car away from our Jade? Hasn’t she suffered enough?! She might be a star, but the hospital won’t come to her.

Says her rep:

“While she was in hospital, someone else was making the payments and there seems to have been a mistake.”

That’s a fine example of the non-denial denial. Note the sympathetic back story.

Says the Mirror:

It’s the latest blow for Jade, who was diagnosed with cancer while on India’s version of big Brother.

Now they want her £210,000 car.

Can life can any tougher?

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