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The Ten Worst Protests Ever: Global Warming Update

by | 19th, December 2008

AN update to Anorak’s Top Ten Worst Protest Ever: Jenny McCracken’s long drive to end global warming:

Jenny McCracken drove all the way up from Melbourne on Monday to her parents’ home in Sunnycliffs to stage a one-woman protest over climate change at Federal MP John Forrest’s Mildura electorate office in Madden Avenue yesterday.

The freelance artist turned environmental activist didn’t plan it that way. She issued a media release this week urging concerned citizens in Sunraysia to protest peacefully outside Mr Forrest’s office at the Rudd Government’s less than draconian plans to extinguish the global warming dragon.

Mr Forrest was not in.

As Tim Blair says: “So she’s driven 550 kilometres to demand cuts in carbon output from someone who wasn’t there. Forrest isn’t even a Labor MP.”

Undeterred, Ms McCracken went ahead with her protest.

She had come equipped with a sandbag, to form part of a symbolic levee around the door to Mr Forrest’s office, to keep rising global sea levels at bay.

Because it’s about 50kms for the coast.

Update: the sandbags are holding and Mr Forrest’s office remains dry…

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