Anorak News | The Seattle Winter Solstice Cancelled On Snow Cap Mountain

The Seattle Winter Solstice Cancelled On Snow Cap Mountain

by | 21st, December 2008

THE Seattle Winter Solstice has been “RESCHEDULED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER.”

Brrr. It’s cold in the winter.

Do the Kinder Kops know? Nein:

THERE is no inconvenient truth, only pride in the children’s animated film that will premiere at a Bankstown film festival on Saturday. Zaky’s Adventures is a computer-animated film for children that deals with global warming.

What killed Fred Flintstone?

In the film Zaky, a purple bear, gets a letter from his pen-pal Mowy the polar bear, who must close his extreme snowboarding school because global warming is making the snow disappear.

Not in Seattle, it isn’t. Or in Luxor:

So Zaky and his friends go on an adventure to Snow Cap Mountain to help and learn about global warming. “It’s done in a way where kids will be able to understand it because Al Gore is probably a little bit heavy,'” Mr Comty said.

Al Gore is now global warming’s take on the classics.

“And because it has animation and graphics it will keep the kids a bit more switched on,” he said.

Switched on. Like a light?

“It tells simple things about helping with global warming like turning off things when you are not in the room and learning how easy it is to recycle.”

It’s all done by shadow puppets and wind power:

He and other former Disney animators have worked on the 38-minute computer-generated film for close to a year, first drawing and designing the characters, then using adobe flash to create the animation. It is detailed work with each scene taking about 25 frames a second.

Plug in and tune out, kidzzzzzzz

Nickelodeon’s Big Green Global Challenge Brain Wash Game

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