Anorak News | Katherine Jenkins Gets More Than She Bargained For At Harrod’s

Katherine Jenkins Gets More Than She Bargained For At Harrod’s

by | 27th, December 2008

“SHAME on Katherine” chant the protestors as Katherine Jenkins arrives by horse-drawn carriage to open the Harrod’s sale.

Leona Lewis reportedly refused to open the sale because of Harrods’ policy of selling fur, so Jenkins stepped in. Although, Ms Jenkins is being followed by a group of bagpipe players, and the dangers of that are self-evident.

Not that Jenkins got the nod before 52-year-old Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall had been sounded out. And this is Lewis who can seen sporting a Prada bag – Prada being best known for its use of fake leather goods.

Says campaigner John Wilson, from the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade:

“We are gathered here today because of our disgust at Ms Jenkins who professes to be against animal cruelty and the fur trade.”

Says Jenkins:

“I was very excited to join the sales – I am a girl’s girl, so obviously this is my idea of fun. Personally I do not eat meat or wear fur, but people are entitled to their opinions.”

Jenkins and the small fury al-Fayed visited the shop’s pets department, where she put her name down for three four-foot long fox’s, five fingers of mink and some leopard-print socks.

When aked about the furs, Mr Al-Fayed explained that they were all killed by Prince Phil droving a white Fiat Uno…

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