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Trained Goldfish Lives 21 Hours On Carpet

by | 29th, December 2008

HERE’S a world record goldfish must be excited about being broken:

Ginger the goldfish was found by owner Barbara Woodward lying face up on the ground behind a chest of drawers.

She assumed he was dead and left the pet, delaying the toilet pan burial rites afforded all goldfish, for it is written.

When she returned 21 hours later he was alive.

It’s a miracle,” says Barbara, who accepted the fish as a gift from her husband. And so it is, just last week, Ginger survied 13 hours without water. His training is paying off.

And who can doubt that it is anything but a miracle? Certainly not the Sun which screams: “Fish lives 21hours out of water.” No invested commas. No doubts.

The only thing for it is for brave fish owners to see if their pet can break the record. And for other pet owners to see how their creatures rose from the dead.

Says sheep enthusiast Famer Bilks:

“Flossie were dead. The wolves got her. And then a few weeks later, we saw her white woolly coat and marvelled that she was alive.”

Says fly owner Pete Jakes:

“The last time I saw Buzz he was legs up and not breathing. Then a few months later I was in the garden and saw him buzz by.”

And this from bacteriologist, Dr Hartlebeam:

I never believed a bactria could survive as long as Barry, but he did it, coming back from the dead not once, not twice but 2,345 times.

Anorak has taken the liberty of draining the golfish tank at the London Aquarium and seeing which of the game record breakers can do it for London. With any luck goldfish drowning will be Olympic sport in 2012.

And Britain will be awash with golden wonders…

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