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Teaser For Season 61 Of Israel v The Arabs TV Show

by | 19th, January 2009

THE TV schedules have been dominated by the 60th season of Israel v The Arabs.

Not since 144 – aka Six Days War, and the prelude to the 24 franchise – has a world been so gripped.

It was quite a show this year, with hundreds of extras standing on hills near Gaza playing the role of reporters and telling the world at home that they could see “something” happening “over there”.

Critics have raved about the “post-modern multi layered narrative”. While the NY Times has called it the “best newsroom-based show since Lou Grant was in his sleeve braces”.

Viewers have tuned in in their millions to see something happening. In the streets of, New York, London, Melbourne, Toronto and beyond, people have been debating on what it all means, and if the show will reach its end faster than Lost?

Julie, a Hamas fan in Basildon, says it will end when all Jews are dead. Many Israelis agree, while Bruce from Antwerp thinks the Palestinians will fall off a balcony, perhaps at a wedding.

Plans for a 61st season are already well underway, with producers at Hamas right now recruiting anyone with a beard to take part, offering eternal life in exchange for standing about and responding to the call “Shoot!”.

Israel has placed an advert in The Stage for child actors to throw stones and be accidentally shot.

Season 61 premiers in Gaza and all over Israel this February.

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