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Policeman’s Eye Impaled On Stick

by | 22nd, January 2009

PC John Nash is in Rochdale. PC Nash is giving chase. PC Nash’s boots slip on mud. PC Nash slides head first into a bush.

PC Nash has been a copper six days into the job. PC Nash has six-inch branch sticking into his right eye. PC Nash continues to give chase.

PC Nash arrests the suspect. The suspect tells PC Nash he’d “better get to hospital”.

Pc Nash is 25. PC Nash undergoes three hours of surgery. His eye I saved. He is back at work.

Insp Ian Hanson, of the Police Federation, tells us:

“John fell in some mud and initially thought he banged his head on his baton, which he had drawn.

“When he detained the man he thought was the offender shortly afterwards, it was actually the man who said: ‘you’d better get to hospital mate’.”

That man has been released without charge.

Hanson looks at PC Nash’s colleagues:

It must have been quite frightening for them to see their colleague come back with this thing sticking out of his eye.

PC Nash’s colleagues may care to fill out the appropriate forms and refuse to work until they are equipped with protective goggles, a full visor and all branches on trees are fitted with protective “Tree thimbles”.

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