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RAF Ordered To Fire On UFOs

by | 26th, January 2009

LAST week, the Sun brought news of a UFO that having navigated the universe had collided with a wind turbine.

It then brought new of lights in the sky.

After that readers learnt of green shoots sprouting up all over the country and little Brown men playing at “leader”.

Now the Sun brings readers:

“KO UFOs – RAF Top Guns ordered to shoot down alien spacecraft.”

A Nick Pope, who is said to have worked at the ministry of defence, says he knows of occasions when RAF shooters have been ordered to fire on UFOs. See:

“We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down – with little effect to the UFO.”

One images the scene on the UFO:

Captain Spoxi: “Welcome aboard Splinko Tours of Solar System 89087b, taking in the Planet Earth Experience. You have been asleep for 200 light years and now awake you are invited to look out the window and see the primitive Earthlings reliance on wind power.

Passengers: Laughter

Captain Spoxi: If you look out the window now you can see a small plane – a jet – armed with fireworks. This is a traditional Earthling greeting. We will now tuen into the pilot of the aircraft speaking.

Squadron Leader Ffrenchblake: F**k me! ****. *****. **!

Bang! Lights are seen.

Passengers: Whoooooh.

Spoxi: We will now go into invisiblity mode and in three seconds will arrive on the palent Saturn, where…

Spoxi: *****. *****. Windmill. **. ********!!!!!!!

Transmission ends.

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