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Independent Nazis See Israel As A Good Excuse To Emerge

by | 26th, January 2009

NAZIS. Israel. The pathetic, snide and dishonourable link between the two has been made so often by vested interest groups it is almost fact.

It all might explains, of coruse, why Jews feel a need to protect their state. Because when they were stateless…

Anyhow, the comment hereunder was posted on the Independent’s website. All websites get their share of web trolls, and Anorak has had hundreds. But our two moderators try to weed out the really nasty stuff.

But times are tough at the Indy, and this gets through.

It’s not unique. Australian hack Michael Blackman used his space in the business pages (?) to blame, well, everything on Jews. His newspaper The Age apologised:

The editorial team at The Age has offered an unreserved apology to the Jewish community for the controversial Michael Backman column that appeared in last Saturday’s newspaper.

A formal apology appeared on page two of Tuesday’s edition (January 20) of the newspaper, with The Age editor Paul Ramadge telling The AJN that the anti-Semitic views expressed by Backman “have no place at The Age. We completely reject his views”.

“We fully accept that the article has caused hurt and distress to the Jewish community and we apologise without reservation,” he said…

“We have a different crew editing the paper during the holiday period,” he said.

Yeah, a different crew – with crew cuts and right arms that never tire.

The effect is to make anyone with half a mind of their own suspicious of why Israel is the top news item? And are people anti-war or just on the other side..?


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