Anorak News | Paris Hilton Finds Talent In Britain’s George Sampson

Paris Hilton Finds Talent In Britain’s George Sampson

by | 29th, January 2009

THAT is Paris Hilton kissing George Sampson, bendy-legged winner of Britain’s Got Talent.

Paris has a hand on her hip. The other hand is out of shot. George has one hand around her waist. hos other hand is out of shot. George is smiling, wanly. Paris is closing her eyes and kissing the 15-year-old on the cheek.

This is one of those rare moment when Paris is meeting her target demographic, someone in the glutinous age of sticky-fingered adolescence; someone who is more likely to be familiar with her talent.

“She said my eyes were cosmic,” says George. She said he had a “cute British accent”.

The impression is of Paris working though her check list of compliments. It not hard to imagine Hilton meeting a bulging red-eyed Northern Irish fundamentalist and cooing:

“Your accent is soooo cute, and those eyes are like, amayyyyzing…”

Says George Sampson:

“It’s lovely when girls come over and says Hi, especially when they look like that.”


“‘I don’t care about her at all,” he said. ‘I can’t see what she is good at, her fame is just inherited.”

Cue that video…

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