Anorak News | Thieves Get Clean Away From Amy Winehouse’s House

Thieves Get Clean Away From Amy Winehouse’s House

by | 30th, January 2009

AMY Winehouse’s house has been “ransacked”. Or did she leave it like that before she went to bed? It is unlikely that the villains will have gotten clean away. (Winehouse house house.)

It is believed that around £15,000 worth of possessions after a break-in at her London home. worth of property, including “top of the line recording equipment, a flat screen TV and five custom made and irreplaceable guitars”.

And souvenirs. In the big memorabilia game, a clutch of Winehouse hairs (assorted) , some used tissues and the contents of her sink will all be worth a pretty penny in years to come.

Says the Celebrity Police Service:

“No arrests have been made, and our enquiries continue. The premises were secured and are now being forensically examined. The property was unoccupied.”

For the past month or so, Winehouse has been vacationing in St. Lucia. Might it be that news of her absence has been seized upon by thieves, and in future all celebrity reports should be filed a full week after the happening to curtail accusations of complicity with crime?

The police are not saying, but are believed to be harvesting evidence, and storing away whatever may be helpful in the future, if you know what aI mean…

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