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Double Helpings: My Life A Cheryl Cole’s LookaLike

by | 2nd, February 2009

MEET Cassie Robinson, a Cheryl Cole lookalike, who has “resorted to a severe crash diet in a bid to emulate the X-Factor star’s painfully thin looking frame – despite already being a slim size eight”.

So says the Mail, which says Robinson can earn £200-a-day in personal appearances as the Girls Aloud singer’s “perfect” body double.

Being a lookalike should be an easy job. Few of us ever see the real deal in the flesh and feel anything but disappointment.

The tabloid press spends the larger part of its organ telling readers how veiny, blotchy, fat, short, pale, boring, insecure and unattractive celebrities are. Being a look-alike is a doddle, you’d think – you just need to look refreshingly normal.

But the job is not without its problems, especially of the principal changes. Take Barry Hart, who in 1974 looked the spitting image of Michael Jackson. He now ekes out a living as “Little” Lenny Henry.

And then there is Molly Brittle, who became a dead ringer for the post-op Katie Price.

Miss Robinson needs to keep close watch on her muse. If Cole gets spot, then so must she. If Cole ladders her tights, ditto.

The Mirror says Cheryl is getting fit, “determined to pile on the pounds with a new junk-food diet”.

Cole is to climb Mouth Kilimanjaro in aid of Comic Relief. Cheryl weighs 8 stone, we learn, which is only two pounds lighter than the average climber’s wrists and a mere gram heavier than the boots Sir Edmund Hillary wore to mount Everest.

In readiness for the big climb, Cole is eating:

Breakfast: a full English after Weetabix or Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (how many is not said, but more than three is likely)
Lunch: pasta, yoghurt and fruit and protein shake
Dinner: steak, chips, spaghetti and chocolate cake or jam roly-poly
Snacks: donuts, Mars bars and nuts

Miss Robinson may well be at the Cash and Carry now, stocking up on the Cole diet in a binge to keep herself in work.

But take it easy – the going rate for a Beth Ditto double is less than £200, on account of that singer looking so much like most of us…

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