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Hell’s Angels Bemoan Falling Manners

by | 4th, February 2009

TO Australia, where the biker gangs are casuing trouble.

In the inner-west a bomb exploded outside a Hells Angels clubhouse and shots were fired into a nearby tattoo parlour. No one was hurt but this comes on top of a series of drive-by shootings linked to feuds between bikie gangs.

What’s the root of the problem?

But a source within one of the clubs says senior members are tiring of the feuding and are looking for ways to end it. The source says there’s a new breed of bikie joining the clubs, and these men don’t respect the same rules and traditions as the older generation of bikies.

In the old days Hells Angels settled feuds with a game of guess teh number of sweets in the jar. These days, they just make up whatever rules they fancy…

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