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The Pope’s Plan For Jews In The Age Of Aquarius

by | 4th, February 2009

THE Pope embraces Holocaust denial and links natural disasters to homosexuality.

As we say, just because the choir boy’s arse is bleeding as he ends his one-on-one tutorial with the padre does not mean anything. The Pope enjoys a free and open debate. Let us not be too quick to judge.

It’s not like The Pope’s got a beard and swarthy skin – so why worry?

But what if the Pope’s recent actions are part of concerted plan to draw in the wagons and keep Catholocism tight as the Age of Pisces comes to an end?

The Tablet from two years ago:

Why then are silence and inertia the order of the day? Some suggest that they are born out of a struggle between increasingly confident and outspoken traditionalists, some of whom wish to turn the clock back to a time before 1965 (when Nostra Aetate opened the way to a transformation of Catholic-Jewish relations) and increasingly marginalised liberal elements within the Church. Neo-conservatives within the Curia, it is suggested, are undertaking a determined attack on Vatican II, including Catholic-Jewish relations.

As Andrew Sullivan muses:

This gloomy theory of what’s really going on in Rome has not exactly been refuted these past two weeks, has it?

No, but nothing is proven. Until the Pope actually screams “Raus! Juden Raus!” – we should not be too quick to judge…

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