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Lily Allen Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow And Me

by | 5th, February 2009

LILY Allen Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the UK leading jobbing celebrity. Today, Gwyneth Paltrow considers Ms Allen…

Gushing Gwyneth Paltrow is in conversation with Elle magazine, and discussing matters Lily Allen.

Paltrow has appeared in Sylvia and Proof, two films on which a certain Allison Owen worked. Allison is Lily’s mother. Blame her.

Or rather don’t because it will upset Paltrow, and her diet doesn’t allow for upset.

“The way I feel about that is: shame on you. They’re doing that to a child! Lily is not a woman yet.”

She’s not talking about Lily’s older lovers, accusing them of paedophilia. Allen is 23, old enough to make her own decisions and very likely too old for Gary Glitter. Paltrow is talking of the media and people who feel free to speak their minds and say Allen is what happens when you watch lots of reality TV in a culture where celebrities are revered more than politicians.

“She’ll be OK because she’s a smart girl, and very talented. But this is a big test to get when you’re her age. But in a way, if it makes her go in a good direction, what a blessing. Think about all the crap she’s got out of the way.”

What test? Being famous? Being rich? Being the daughter of luvvies? Being the subject of a daily ritual of what Lily did, augmented by more snippets of what Lily did via her MySpace page and publicists?

What is the good direction for Lily to take, other than to go and live in the USA? A support group awaits her…

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