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Celebrity Mr And Mrs Pays By Weight

by | 6th, February 2009

DID you know that Fern Britton gets £15,000 to host All Star Mr And Mrs?

Not bad money for televised marriage guidance.

But not as good as her co-host, Philip Schofield, who is getting £45,000 for shining a light on the truth that Yvette finds husband Terry Venables’ legs funnier than any other part of his body

The Sun is shocked that Schofield earns three times as much as his co-host. But Anorak has done the sums and discovered that Schofes is three and one third times thinner than Fern. In the celebrity stakes that makes him three times as more valuable. Do the math.

But all this overlooks the real burning issue that Celebrity Mr and Mrs does not require the celebrities to be married, making it possible to populate the show with lovers.

Fern: Where did you meet the love of your life?
Celeb: On Celebrity Mr And Mrs
Fern: I’ll get me hat.
Celeb: But I’d go lesbian if there were fit birds in the jungle…

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