Anorak News | Gaza Hamas, Australian Islam, Bigotry, Nazis And Jews

Gaza Hamas, Australian Islam, Bigotry, Nazis And Jews

by | 6th, February 2009

IN Gaza:

The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees said Friday it has halted all aid shipments into the Gaza Strip due to interference by the ruling Hamas militant group. …Earlier this week, Hamas police took thousands of blankets and food parcels meant for needy residents.

We’re all Hamas now, or else:

Yesterday, Hamas complained that UNRWA aid was reaching Palestinians who were not Hamas supporters.

In Australia:

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils chairman Ikebal Patel infuriated the Jewish community by claiming during the Israeli incursion into Gaza last month that the “victims of the Holocaust (are) now perpetrating much worse atrocities against the Palestinians“…

Really? Who sane cannot but hope that that it is an untruth?

Mr Patel said yesterday he stood by his comments, though he would regret it if the Jewish council cut ties.

He said he had spoken to the state Islamic councils, other Muslim groups and many imams, and was confident he represented the mainstream Muslim view.”

But it’s not news that paelstinaian continue to suffer and bigotry is on the march. Because in Britain, it’s snowing.

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