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The Facebook 25 Things About Me To Be Hit Us TV Show

by | 7th, February 2009

FACEBOOK – 25 thigns about yourself.

1. I like talking about myself
2. I like other people reading about me
3. I like taking a break from surfinf for porn
4. I am internet porn
5. Is that it
6. Er…

25 Things About Me sounds like a US TV show in which a twentysomething girl with a voice that sounds as if she’s drowning in her own spittle finds herself over 25 episodes- or 25 hours in her cray-zee day.

She meets a guy who sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk and they have 25 nervous breakdowns as they obsess about the big me becoming the big we. Series 2: 25 Things About We.

Big media loves it:

Big media loves it for one reason:

It fills space:

Investigative Reporting:
Boston Globe What’s behind the ‘25 Random Things About Me‘ phenomenon?

Factual Reporting:
ABC News: Some Love Facebook ‘25 Random Things‘ Fad, Some Hate It

Challenging Reporting:
Forget Facebook! 12 Random Things About Me

Insightful Reporting
Hardy Vision: 25 Random Things About Michael Phelps

Marketing Reporting
25 Random Things, Kitchen Style

Why-Oh-Why Reporting:
This ‘Random’ thing is getting out of hand

Coffee Morning Reporting
25 random things on parenting

25 Random Things‘ Lists Are Last Vestige of American Literacy

Alternative Reporting:
Time: ‘25 Things I didn’t want to know about you.’

In 25 words or less: “I know all I need to know about you because…”

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