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Jade Goody’s Celebrity Cancer: Live Updates

by | 8th, February 2009

JADE GOODY’S Celebrity Cancer: The boys, the bravery and the tears…

MIRROR (front page): “I CAN’T TELL MY BOYS,” says Jade Goody.

Maybe there’s just no telling Jade’s boys, who as well as being impossible to instruct are also unable to read front-page news headlines and acres of news about brave Jade?

Here are Jade’s boys now, off to buy some sweets and comics from the newsagents. Hey look, kids, there’s mum on the cover of the paper.

Boys: “What does it say Mr, Anglo-Asian Newsagent, sir?”
Newsagent (wipes tear): “JADE GOODY IS FANTASTIC!
Boys: “Yaaaaaaaay”

Thankfully, Jade is leaving behind a video diary of her battle with cancer, courtesy of Living TV. Heartening to know that should it not go well for Jade, the boys will able to see and her her suffering.

Jade’s mum: My girl’s cancer anguish

Kate Mansey – ‘Mummy will come to my school play on Thursday won’t she?’ – What Jade’s son Bobby, five, asked his gran”


Jackiey Budden revealed that Jade, 27, has not been able to see her sons Bobby and Freddie, aged five and four, for almost two weeks.

And she said Jade is determined to be well enough to see little Bobby perform in his school play on Thursday.

Jackiey said: “Freddie’s too young to know what’s going on, and we are determined to try and keep it like that.”

Ignorance is bliss, says Goody.

“But Bobby’s got an idea things aren’t good. He asked me if mummy will come to his school play on Thursday.

“I looked at his little face and said ‘She is still quite poorly, darling. I don’t know if she will be at the play, but your Nan and Daddy will be there.’ He just looked at me and nodded. Fingers crossed she’ll get there to see him.”

NOTW (front): “Jade: Keep the cameras rolling.”

Can we put the footage on Newsround, you know, for the boys?

BRAVE Jade Goody has won the support of the nation as she continues her battle against cancer.
The Big Brother star is facing a grim fight for life after doctors said her disease had spread and is pinning her hopes on new “miracle drug” Hycamtin.

This week we are showing previously unseen – and unedited – footage of Jade, 27, talking about her battle, with a new clip every day.

In today’s candid video the mother-of-two tells our columnist Carole Malone about the moment she knew months of chemotherapy had robbed her of her hair – and how her son reacted.

You can post your messages of support to the star below.

The NOTW has daily videos of Jade crying.


In a heartbreaking plea, the former Big Brother contestant begged other victims to take up their offers of smear tests.

She told them: “Don’t ignore the symptoms I had.

“If you’re not happy with the first diagnosis, see someone else. Don’t leave it too late.”

And take a camera crew along. And get an agent. You must, must, must get an agent before your smear.


BRAVE Jade Goody is to be a £10million lifesaver.

Brave Jade – you know, the one who’s always crying…

But despite the spread of the disease, 27-year-old Jade is determined to help raise £10million for cancer charities.

A family source said: “She’s going to fight – both for her own life and to save the lives of others.

“She wants to do what she can and use her image to help make millions pour into charity coffers. She’d love to help raise £10million.”

So she’s hasn’t actually raised the millions yet, but she’d like to. Wow!

MIRROR: “Could I have cancer like Jade?”

Dear Dr Cath,
I have heard on the news about Jade Goody’s cancer. Now I’m worried. I’m 23 and have asked my GP for a smear test but they refused because I’m too young. How can this be right? Jade is only 27 and, sadly, she’s suffering.


Dear reader,
The news about Jade is very sad and my thoughts are with her and her family. She is very unlucky as her situation isn’t common. Cervical cancer is rare in women under 20 and there are problems with smear tests on young women giving false positive results.

But if you have symptoms which could suggest cervical cancer, such as bleeding between periods or after sex, pain having intercourse or a smelly discharge, your doctor may give you a smear test regardless of your age.

So you could be Jade, or not… Fingers crossed.

THE INDEPENDENT: “Joan Smith: Jade’s history may have cost her life itself – The tragedy of Ms Goody reflects ill on us all”


I’ve hardly ever seen Jade Goody on television. But I’ve been aware of her since she first appeared on Big Brother – and I’ve always felt uncomfortable about her.

She has that affect on people.

For years, Ms Goody was treated as a semi-house-trained pet, willing to perform without fully comprehending the malicious pleasure she evoked.

Jade Kebab.

But she was never going to marry a Wykehamist and open a health food shop, was she?

Dunno. What you offering. We’ll pass it on to Jade.

Now we know that Prince Charles calls a black friend “Sooty” and the Queen thinks it’s OK to sell golliwogs, the furore over Ms Goody’s behaviour towards the Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty looks like double standards. While every possible excuse is trotted out for the racism of the upper classes, working-class people are torn to shreds.

Jade Goody is Prince Charles? Well, now we see it. Yes, go on…

I always thought Ms Goody’s boorish attitude to Ms Shetty was more about class than race…

Go back to your own Stately Home, you Hooray Henry Silver Service Poppadom In Aspic!

The lack of education that made her a laughing stock seven years ago has shortened her life, and you would have to be very callous indeed not to see that as a tragedy.

Shame on you!

OBSERVER: “Are only the chattering classes allowed to make money from a fatal illness?”

Yes. No. Can you repeat the question..? Jenni Murray knows:

Am I the only member of the middle, chattering classes to find Jade Goody utterly magnificent?

Yes. It is just you.

I do not recall similar disapproval when those same chattering classes were faced with the outpourings of one of their own. John Diamond, Nigella Lawson’s late husband, wrote columns and made a TV programme as he dealt with throat cancer.

Who he?

Ruth Picardie and Dina Rabinovitch gave us searing accounts of facing terminal breast cancer. Liz Tilberis, the former editor of Vogue, who’d often joked about being a size 14 and too big for the tiny Dior samples she was often sent, retained her sense of humour as ovarian cancer took its toll. She recommended the cancer diet, having achieved the required size 8, and vowed to meet her maker suitably attired. I wrote about my diagnosis and mastectomy. Sympathy poured from every direction.


But it was Miles Kington who really put his finger on it in his book How Shall I Tell The Dog?. His tumour was in the pancreas and he decided that he ‘would make cancer pay its way‘.

Nope, sorry Jenni. Looks like its only you who’ve heard of any of them.

TIMES: “Jade Goody, a broken toy we made and want no more”

India Knight has had the stuffing knocked out of her (if only):

I don’t know which aspect of Jade Goody’s hopeless-seeming battle with cancer is most depressing.

Come on, India, You’ve got another 300 words. Think!

The Jade phenomenon exists because we created it – because we found it interesting and mad and sort of hilarious: ha ha, thick fat bird from Bermondsey, ha ha, showbiz folly, ha ha, isn’t it gruesomely fascinating and what can it possibly mean?

Goody isn’t rich or famous because she won the lottery: she’s rich and famous because we bought all those papers and magazines and ghosted books with her on the cover, because we watched her television series, because we cheered when she was good and booed when she was bad, because we sat around discussing her over lunch. Now she’s dying, she’s making us all feel bad so we want her to go away, like a broken toy that’s stopped being fun.

Wishing death on Jade. Really..?

It’s too late now. We’re stuck with her and she is stuck with us, careering wildly down the hill waiting for the crash.

Can I have new peddle car, mummy?

Jade Goody – a life in columns…

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