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Madeleine McCann And The Threat To Newspapers

by | 9th, February 2009

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BBC: “Economy ‘threatens’ news accuracy”

The story is illustrated by a picture of Madeleine McCann. How so? Is hers the face of the economic downturn?

Press intrusion and inaccurate reporting are getting worse because the recession has forced newspapers to make cutbacks, a report suggests.

The report from the Media Standards Trust says some papers are sacrificing standards to maintain sales.

Can we trust the news? And it’s not the recession  – it’s the web that’s doing for newspapers.

A YouGov survey found only 7% of 2,024 people questioned trust UK national newspapers to behave responsibly.

In all, 32% of Britons trust surveys more than the BBC. Fact:

The report says the public’s already low trust in national newspapers is getting worse as newsrooms cut costs, putting journalists under greater pressure and increasing inaccuracy.

Not the BBC. The press:

As an example, it cited “inaccurate and in some cases defamatory reporting” of the case of missing British girl Madeleine McCann.

A single-thread story spun out of control.

The 7% level of people who trusted newspapers to behave responsibly was lower than that for banks.

Exclusive to all newspapers: “Bankers are the new estate agents.”

Madeleine McCann is missing.

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