Anorak News | Tony Adams sacked at son’s birthday party

Tony Adams sacked at son’s birthday party

by | 11th, February 2009

TONY Adams got the boot from Portsmouth while making balloon animals at his son’s birthday party (we might have made up the bit about balloon animals).

Tone took the phone call from Pompey chief executive Peter Storrie while celebrating with his five-year-old son, Atticus (real name).

We imagine it went something like this…

ADAMS: ‘Allo, Tony Adams, manager of Portsmouth, speaking…’

STORRIE: ‘Hi Tony, it’s Peter here.’

ADAMS: ‘Peter. Peter who?’

STORRIE: ‘Peter Storrie. You know, your boss.’

ADAMS: ‘Oh, yeah. Hello gaffer. What can I do you for? You want to buy back Jermain Defoe already?’

STORRIE: ‘Er, not exactly. I’m calling because…’

ADAMS: ‘You wish you’d never sold Lassana Diarra?’

STORRIE: ‘No, guess again…’

ADAMS: ‘I’m fired?’

STORRIE: ‘Yes, you’re fired.’

ADAMS: ‘I’m surprised, frankly.’

STORRIE: ‘Sorry Tony, but you only won four games out of 22.’

ADAMS: ‘Oh, yeah, good point Peter. Bye.’

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