Anorak News | Rebecca Loos Pregnant By Sven, While Beckham Plays The Field

Rebecca Loos Pregnant By Sven, While Beckham Plays The Field

by | 12th, February 2009

REBECCA Loos is pregnant by Sven. She has “SCREWED” David Beckham on the “eve of England game”.

Loos reveals she’s pregnant by Sven“, comes the next line.

Can it be that Sen Goran Eriksson has impregnanted Rebecca Loos, the woman who alleges she played keepy uppy with David Beckham?

Will Loos be appearing on Sky News to read aloud Sven’s touching texts: “Yes, I think so“; “Maybe, perhaps, maybe, yes, perhaps, I think so...”; and “You could, yes, I think you could, if you like, yes…”?

Reading on it tusn out that Rebecca Loos is expecting a baby. Fact.

She is 31 years old. Fact!

The embryo is seventeen weeks old. The facts keep coming.

The baby’s father is a Norwegian doctor, and Rebecca says she didn’t mind if the baby was a boy or a girl.


Oh, Sven? Well, that’s just a generic name for all Scandinavians, it turns out. To the Star all Scandinavians are called Sven.

“If it’s a boy, because my partner is blond and ‘Viking-like’, he’ll need to have a ‘Viking-like’ name won’t he?”

Like Sven, or the popular modern twist Sven junior.

“But if it’s a girl I’d like a more romantic name, maybe a Spanish name.”


Oh, and of the David Beckham part, Rebecca reveals:

“I doubt David knows anything about it.”

The cad!

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