Anorak News | Jade Goody: The Columnists Do Private School, Marrry In Haste And Princess Diana

Jade Goody: The Columnists Do Private School, Marrry In Haste And Princess Diana

by | 20th, February 2009

THE columnists takes a look at Jade Goody and get chatting:

Paul Routledge (Daily Mirror): Bride beats all prejudice

Married couples are in a minority in Britain for the first time since records began in 1862. Only one in every 50 single women now gets hitched each year.

So why is terminally-ill Jade Goody planning a big white wedding? I’m not in a position to know, but I imagine she wants to show her commitment to fiance Jack Tweed.

Marrying him, even on her deathbed, is a sign of devotion. It means a lot to her.

How much does it mean to her. Well, there’s the dress, the £700,000 OK! magsazine exclusive. The canapes…

(Sky news: Reality TV star Jade Goody could earn close to £1m from the TV and magazine rights to her wedding day, reports say.)

Young couples are not getting married because an average wedding costs £20,000, and they can’t pay, according to a policy wonk.

But in my experience, the cheaper the wedding, the longer lasting the marriage.

Sick bastard! Jade is ill, have a heart, you scumbag! It’s an expensive do, but so what?!

Mine cost practically nowt, because we eloped as teenagers to Scotland in 1963. My father used to say the cost of marriage is seven and six for the licence – and your wages for the rest of your life.

Which in the sad case of Jade, will not be long. But her family and kids will remember, which is something.

Yeah, that’s something. Tsk!

Jenny Coglan (Times): “The Great Jade Goody Debate”

Well, it looks like cancer, what say you, Jenny?

Apart from the few odd crazies who like to send things to the newspapers marked in large green ink, who, exactly, is objecting to the way Jade Goody is attempting to live out her final days?

Dunno, who?

Sorry, but who’s judging her? Who are all these people who are walking around tutting at her? Have you met any of them?

Dunno. Dunno. Dunno. Sorry.

You didn’t have to be a Princess Di fan to feel sorry for her family, and you don’t need to read the glossy weeklies, or watch Living TV, to feel for Jade; just being a fellow human will probably do it, and I think we’re all on the same side – though I will be watching the comments box with interest…

Princess Diana? The two boys…

Sarah Ebner (Times): “Jade Goody’s dying wish – the best education for her children. And she means going private.”

Jade Goody is dying. This we all know, and it’s tragic. What we also know is that the 27-year-old mother is desperate to earn as much money as possible for her children. And she wants this money to be spent on her sons’ education…

In a strange way, this goes back to the age-old issues of private versus state schools.

Yeah, strange how a drying woman’s story can be adapted to your vested interest, Sarah…

Jade Goody knows about poor schooling, and she doesn’t want her sons, five year old Bobby and four year Freddie, stuck in a place where they won’t learn.

Poor schooling did her harm, didn’t it?

Let’s have a heated debate!

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