Anorak News | Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela And Jade Goody Are Most Respected People In World

Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela And Jade Goody Are Most Respected People In World

by | 25th, February 2009

DID you know that Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and….. Jade Goody are ‘world’s most respected’ people?

Yeah, we thought Goody would top Obama, who would be trumped by Mandela, but facts are facts.

If Obama can cosy up to celebrities and home-grown terrorists, the World Wide Celebrity Mountain may finally be able to retire Mandela and send the line of celebrities waiting for an audience with the man home.

Elsewhere in the list, Richard Branson was fourth and Sir Terry Wogan fifth.

As ever its is the juxtaposition of names that cause the most interest: the Queen came 16th – one place behind Cheryl Cole.

A spokesman for, which polled 4,000 people who fill in polls, says with no hint of parody:

“British citizens have the utmost respect for people who have achieved something above the norm. Most of the celebrities listed have earned their right to be called ‘celebrities’, as they are famous for working incredibly hard at their chosen profession.

“We are pleased Jade has come so highly. Her plight is a truly awful one but she has won the admiration of so many people for the way she is coping with it.”

Top 20 most respected people in the world are:

1. Barack Obama

2. Nelson Mandela

3. Jade Goody

4. Sir Richard Branson

5. Sir Terry Wogan

6. J K Rowling OBE

7. Phillip Schofield

8. Sir Alan Sugar

9. Dame Judi Dench

10. Sir Michael Parkinson

11. Dame Helen Mirren

12. Jamie Oliver

13. Angelina Jolie

14. Sir Elton John

15. Cheryl Cole

16. The Queen

17. Kylie Minogue

18. Lady Thatcher

19. Lorraine Kelly

20. Stephen Fry

It occurs to Anorak that list could just as easily serve as the 20 Most Overrated People On Earth, the 20 Most Talked About People On Earth, the 20 People Most Likely To Have A Cat On Earth, the 20 People Who Have Appeared On The Most Top 20 Lists On Earth, and – with the inclusion of Osama bin Laden and Noel Edmonds – the 20 Most Hated People On Earth…

Your lists, please.

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