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Sylvester Stallone Writes The Expendables For Arnie Schwarzenegger

by | 25th, February 2009

TO the movies, where Sylvester Stallone is directing a film in which – get this – Arnold Schwarzenegger spends a few hours playing himself.

The film, “The Expendables,” will feature Arnie being the California governor.

The film which Stallone, writes, directs and stars in, features a group of mercenaries trying to overthrow a South American dictator. For added bulk it also features Dolph Lundgren.

Odd that word – Dolph – so close to the elegance associated with dolphin – should sound like a noise of wooden stump being beaten with a croquet mallet.

Yes, we’ve read the blub and Dolph has a degree in tree felling, and Sly can spell “Adrieennnnnnne” and Arnie managed to look so stupid that Californians believed him too dumb to run rackets and rip them off, but all three have thick forehead veins that look like question marks.

Now in advanced years, Sly, as is his wont, has taken on the look of being simultaneously naked and dressed in a beige corduroy body suit with a hankie draped over his middle areas.

And then there is the colour. Sly is turning orange. This might be genetic. His mother Jackie Stallone showcased her orange hair, orange skin and orange eyes on Big Brother.

Now her son seems to be going the same route, the film might be the first to require the view to wear bifocal sunglasses…

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