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Danielle Lloyd Reaches Out For Rihanna

by | 3rd, March 2009

RIHANNA is beaten up by her boyfriend, Chris Brown, allegedly, and gets new job as the spokesperson for domestic violence. She has kicked Brown to the kerb, and in the throat, and will tell all in a court of law.

It’s the Enquirer’s “RIHANNA BOMBSHELL”. Well, not quite. The big news is that Brown has taken anger management courses. His anger will be managed and very possibly get its own agent and a contract as WWWF’s The Rihannator.

So who then to speak on behalf of battered women? We don’t have to wait long, because here comes Danielle Lloyd:

The 25-year-old was compelled to speak out after an image of R&B singer Rihanna’s injuries – sustained in a recent alleged attack by boyfriend Chris Brown – appeared on the internet.

Mail readers read on:

The Liverpudlian beauty was a teenage model when she started dating her abusive ex, who she has declined to name.

Anorak flicks through the Panini sticker annuals for seasons 2001-2003. Where is he..? Where?

In the Mail, there is picture of Danielle’s bruised face, which she says was sustained in the cowardly attacks.

Readers will recall how when accused of being a bully on Big Brother, Danielle countered with an anti-bullying campaign and claims that she was bullied while at school, on account of her beauty.

Danielle has not been hit on live telly, but she “opens up about her distressing relationship for a BBC documentary Dangerous Love, which coincides with the launch of charity Refuge’s new campaign against domestic abuse.”

It all smacks of opportunism. But does that matter? Is grandstanding and celebrity by the way if the horror of living with domestic violence is exposed?

And did Danielle actually say Rihana’s name, or is that the Mail’s work?

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