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Four Wedding Guests Killed By Dance

by | 6th, March 2009

IN Manila, Philippines, four people have been killed by dance.

The four, at a wedding do, were killed while attempting acrobatic stunts on the dance floor.

Witnesses say that as the party progressed, representatives of the bride and groom’s respective families sqaured off in a series of aggressive, dance based confrontations while a DJ laid down ever faster and more intense beats. Suddenly, at the peak of the competition, two of the musical gladiators bounded on top of tables, lept into midair and collided simultaneously into a pillar. The force of the impact was enough to break the support, and a large section of the roof collapsed.

Maria Calas, 20, Burgus Bahag-hari, 32, Leon Mangubat, 40, and Ligaya Añonuevo, 27, were pronounced dead on the scene.

A techno warzone:

Medics were greeted with a grisly tableau of twisted wreckage and mangled bodies. In addition to the four fatalities, scores of others suffered a range of minor and moderate injuries, mainly scrapes and contusions but also some severe fractures.

The investigation continues.

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