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Your Chance To Own Kerry Katona’s Insides , For Charity

by | 11th, March 2009

KERRY Katona is selling her 34GG implant on eBay.

Katona’s offence is to be annoying and famous, a felony given expression by her smiling broadly in the Star as she presents readers with an implant signed and bearing a stick picture of woman with massive Jordans.

That’s if it is an implant. Few outside the showbiz elite have ever seen one unskinned, and only women in Jacuzzi tubs on Big Brother, professional footballers and Peter Andre have ever touched them.

The object in Katona’s hand looks like something rugby players place a ball on before giving it a boot between “the posts”, a Benny Hill scalp or an old diaphragm.

And in case anyone was wondering of Kerry was selling her implants or if the implant was selling Kerry, says she on Facebook:

“I have put my old implant which was removed on my MTV show watched by the nation up for auction on eBay!

“All the money raised will be donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign. Please click on the link (to the eBay page) to find out all about this wonderful charity, with many more pics of me and my old boobie.”

Of course, the mystery is what has happened to the other breast, or if celebrity breast surgery takes in just one giant bosom that is split in situ by the surgeon’s karate chop?

Of course, like Ming vases or ears, breasts are better as a pair, and Kerry may best charity by snipping them into pieces, folding into a pocket and stuffing them with squirrel meat before freezing.

And arranging a food drop for the people of Iceland…

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