Anorak News | Scare Stories: Natasha Richardson’s Warning Of The Week

Scare Stories: Natasha Richardson’s Warning Of The Week

by | 21st, March 2009

MEDIA Scare stories: Anorak’s daily look at horror stories making news – Natasha Richardson’s hat, killer light bulbs and gamers die…

The Independent: “Warning of the week: ski safety”

A warning of the week?

Wearing a helmet while skiing or snowboarding could soon be a legal requirement. Québec, where Natasha Richardson’s fatal accident occurred, was already considering making helmet wearing compulsory from next winter…Details of the circumstances of Richardson’s death are still unclear, and there is as yet no evidence that a helmet would have protected her

We Blame Global Warming – “Hot Air Linked to Headaches, but How?”

“Mass Hysteria Breaks Out in Central America” –

“IVF babies in health alert: Test-tube children 30 per cent more likely to have defects, warns watchdog” – Daily Mail

“The phasing out of traditional light bulbs could cause misery for thousands who have light-sensitive skin disorders, medical experts warned yesterday. Dr Robert Sarkany said some low-energy bulbs gave vulnerable people painful rashes and swelling” – Daily Mail

“Pittsburgh May Ban Porch Couches as Fire Hazard” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Deaths of Gamers Leave Their Online Lives in Limbo” – Associated Press

“Mountains of Ice Invade Beachfront Michigan Homes” –

“Arm Yourself Against the Attack of the Ash Tree Bug” – WTOP-FM

“Old Age Begins at 27: Scientists Reveal New Research Into Ageing” – Daily Mail

“Baby Hippo Won’t Be Fed to Tigers, Zoo Says” –

“Earth’s Tilt Disrupts TV Signal” – Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel

“Recession Hits Sesame Street” – Associated Press

Statins Could Hurt Your Sex Life” –Chicago Sun-Times

More horror stories every day…

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